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Don’t face the consequences of an accident alone

The Law offices of Gordon Matheny in Hammond, Louisiana encompass a wide range of legal areas, including Motor Vehicle Accidents, 18 Wheeler Accidents, Personal Injuries, Products Liability, Wrongful Death, Motorcycle Accidents, Maritime and Offshore Cases, Injuries on the River, Dog Bite Cases, All Types of Injury Claims, and Malpractice Claims.

If you are involved in a serious auto accident or suffered an injury, you do not have to face the consequences of it alone. Gordon Matheny has handled the most complicated and serious of injury cases as well as less serious injuries such as neck and back strains. No matter the severity of your injury, Gordon brings his decades of experience, intensity, work ethic, skill and determination to every case he handles.

Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can result in costly injuries to life and livelihood. No matter what kind of accident you’ve been in—automobile, motorcycle, or 18-wheeler—the Matheny Law Firm has the expertise to get you the settlement you deserve. » Read More

Truck Accidents

Accidents with 18-wheelers or semi-trucks and large commercial vehicles can mean serious physical injuries to the victims due to the difference in size of the vehicles involved. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident with a semi-truck, it is essential that you hire an experienced truck accident attorney to get you the compensation you deserve. » Read More

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders are at an increased risk for suffering serious injuries when involved in accidents with other vehicles due to the lack of seat belts, air bags and other safety devices that protect motorists in a car or truck. Gordon Matheny will pursue the best possible outcome for your short term and long term interests as you recover. » Read More

Product Liability

If you or a loved one has experienced a defect in a consumer product—such as clothing, tools, electronics, or equipment—that has resulted in personal injury, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Gordon Matheny specializes in recovering your medical bills and damages, and lost wages for injuries that lead to time off work.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice suits arise from a variety of reasons. While the majority of these cases arise from surgical procedure errors, other suits arise from such instances as misdiagnosis of a condition or pharmaceutical error regarding your medication. Even the smallest mistakes can have major implications for your health—the Matheny Law Firm specializes in recovering not just your medical expenses in a malpractice suit, but damages as well.


Here in Louisiana, we all know the importance that oil and gas play to our state’s economy and its way of life. Unfortunately, offshore work still remains highly dangerous, and accidents do occur. If you or your family member has suffered an accident on or near a rig, Gordon Matheny will defend the loss of your livelihood and help you reach a settlement that gets you back on your feet. Don’t settle for what your employer tells you — we’ll fight for a fair settlement on your behalf!

Wrongful Death

Accidents leading to loss of life are a sad but unavoidable reality. Whether your loved one was involved in an automobile accident, a workplace or industrial accident, or even a home accident such as an unintentional discharge of firearms, the Matheny Law Firm will find the entities responsible and pursue justice for you and your family. We also handle succession work regarding wills and trusts, and can help you and your family manage your loved one’s estate through these difficult times of transition.

Don't Fight The Insurance Companies Alone

Regardless of the particular circumstances of your accident and what injuries you may have sustained, involving a dedicated personal injury lawyer is one of the most important steps you can take to positively impact the outcome of your claim.

Trust The Personal Injury Experience Of Gordon Matheny

Attorney Gordon Matheny has handled the most complicated and serious of injury cases. No matter the severity of your injury, Gordon brings his decades of experience, intensity, work ethic, skill and determination to every case he handles.

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If you have been injured or have been in an accident, contact Gordon Matheny about your matter. You will not be charged out-of-pocket legal fees unless Gordon secures compensation on your behalf. Click now to fill out our Free Consultation form.